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LogZilla Incoming Webhooks

API endpoint: /api/events


The webhook endpoint requires authentication. There are two variants of token-based authentication:

  • Header
  • Via the AUTHTOKEN parameter used in a request URI

Submitting messages

  • Message Format

    { "message": "Logged message", "facility": "USER", "severity": "DEBUG", "host": "test-host", "program": "test-hook" }


  • message
  • required, message text
  • facility
  • optional, facility name, default: user
  • severity
  • optional, severity name, default: info
  • host
  • optional, default: localhost
  • program
  • optional, default incoming-webhook

Sample POST using CURL

curl -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -X POST -d  '{"message": "Test Message", "host": "testhost"}' ''