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Outgoing Webhooks

The Webhook option in the trigger menu allows users to send a GET or POST webhook command to a northbound server such as

The example below shows a trigger set to match rejected messages from Postfix. When the trigger matches, it will post to a Slack channel automatically.

Webhook Post to Slack

Slack Notification Webhook

Alert Shown in Slack Channel

Slack Alert

Post Data Used

The Trigger above uses the following JSON:

  "channel": "#logzilla-alerts",
  "attachments": [
      "color": "#9C1A22",
      "title": "Alert from {{event:host}}",
      "text": "```{{event:message}}```",
      "thumb_url": "",
      "fallback": "Alert from {{event:host}}",
      "author_icon": "",
      "pretext": "LogZilla Triggered an alert on {{event:host}}",
      "author_link": "mailto:[email protected]",
      "fields": [
          "value": "{{event:program}}",
          "title": "Program",
          "short": "true"
          "value": "{{event:severity}}",
          "short": "true",
          "title": "Severity"
      "mrkdwn_in": [
      "author_name": "LogZillaBot"
  "username": "logzilla-bot",
  "icon_url": ""