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Specifying Custom DNS Servers

To configure custom DNS for LogZilla use do the following:

  • Create (or edit if it exists) /etc/docker/daemon.json
  • Add your DNS settings in the form:
    "dns": [
    "dns-search": [""]

NOTE: Replace,, with the values for your environment.

  • Restart the docker daemon:
systemctl restart docker

Custom Hosts File

In the event that you do not have reverse lookups available in your DNS, you may also specify manual host mappings.

To set up specific name mappings:

  • Create a new file on your local LogZilla server named, in the /etc/logzilla directory. The format follows the same format as a standard /etc/hosts file: somedevice
  • Restart LogZilla's syslog receiver
logzilla restart -c syslog
  • Verify it has taken effect:
docker exec -ti lz_syslog ping