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Server License Information

Your license key can be obtained via the UI or command line.

Viewing Your Host Key

To locate your server license information in the LogZilla interface, navigate to the following path:

Settings -> System Settings -> License Information

By accessing this section, you can view details about your current server license, such as the host key, expiration date, and allowed features.

Checking Host Key via Shell

To view your LogZilla server’s host key, access the server’s shell using the console or SSH. Once logged in, execute the following command:

logzilla license key

The command returns your unique server key, which you can provide to your LogZilla account manager. For example:


Updating License

After your LogZilla account manager informs you that your license has been updated on the licensing server, you can update your server’s license by running the following command:

logzilla license download

LogZilla does not need to be restarted for the key to take effect.

Manually Installing Your License

If your server is offline, you can download the license from a different system and manually transfer it to your server. In the example below, we’ll use a host key of 73cde9bfce9a15a0ae3a97f0c501231712813fc6, but be sure to replace it with your actual key obtained from one of the methods noted above.


If using a browser, visit


If using a terminal from another Linux system, use:

wget -O lic.json

Remember to replace 73cde9bfce9a15a0ae3a97f0c501231712813fc6 with your actual host key.

Copy/Update your license

After obtaining the JSON file from our license server:

  1. Copy the contents of the JSON file and save it to a file with any name, such as lic.json.
  2. Load the license on the offline server using the following command:
logzilla license load lic.json

This action will place the license file in the appropriate directory, allowing your LogZilla server to recognize and use the updated license information.