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Server Licensing

Server License Information

Your server license information can be found by browsing to Settings -> System Settings -> License Information.

Viewing your license key

To view the license key for your server, log into the server's shell (console or ssh) and type:

logzilla license key

This command will return your unique server key which may then be provided to your LogZilla account manager.

For example:


After your account manager notifies you that he/she has updated your license on our licensing server, type the following command to update:

logzilla license download

You don't need to restart anything for your license to activate, but you may need to clear your browser's cache to load the UI.

Manually installing your key

For customers who have their servers offline, you can download the key from another system and manually copy it to your server. To download it, use the following command.

wget<your license key> -O logzilla_license.json

Once it's copied to your server, copy it to the correct location:

cp logzilla_license.json /etc/logzilla