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Overview of AppNeta

AppNeta delivers precise insights for identifying issues within networks or applications, utilizing a blend of active synthetic testing and passive analysis of network traffic.

Active monitoring in AppNeta entails dispatching test data through the network and examining the responses to evaluate network performance indicators. AppNeta can be set up to forward these monitoring results to LogZilla. This method is highly effective in understanding user experiences across different network environments.

LogZilla App for AppNeta

Rule Function

The rule performs the following primary functions:

  1. Extract Event Details: It extracts detailed information from the log message.
  2. Rewrite Log Message: It reformats the log message to present the extracted information in a more user-friendly format.
  3. User Tags Creation: It generates user tags from these event details for applications in dashboards, alerts, and emails.

Incoming Log Format

AppNeta event messages are structured as single-line JSON elements. These messages contain consistent fields for event details and a section for tags that may vary between logs.

Example Log Message

(uncompressed JSON for readability)

    "description": "Monitoring Point C02D72G3MD6R cannot be reached",
    "eventTime": 1696401136,
    "monitoringPointType": "macOS",
    "orgId": 18223,
    "orgName": "ABC - Sample Org",
    "platformType": "Native",
    "sequencerHost": "C02D72G3MD6R",
    "sequencerName": "C02D72G3MD6R",
    "sequencerStatus": "UNAVAILABLE",
    "tags": [
            "category": "AppNeta",
            "id": 2151,
            "orgId": 18223,
            "value": "Network Monitoring"
            "category": "Location",
            "id": 2753,
            "orgId": 18223,
            "value": "Atlanta"
    "type": "SEQUENCER_EVENT"

Parsed Metadata Fields

The rule processes several fields from the AppNeta logs, translating them into user tags for various applications:

AppNeta Field User Tag Example Value
AppNeta AppNeta Network Monitoring
Location Location Boston
monitoringPointType monitoringPointType macOS
orgName orgName Organization Name
platformType platformType Hardware
sequencerStatus sequencerStatus UNAVAILABLE
Derived from description Alert Severity High
Derived from description Alert Name Monitoring Point Cannot Be Reached

AppNeta Configuration

The AppNeta software should be configured to send logs to a specific HTTPx endpoint on the LogZilla server. For more details on configuring AppNeta for log forwarding, please refer to AppNeta Documentation.

AppNeta should be configured as follows:

(replace below with your LogZilla server’s URL)

    "name": "LogZilla web application events feed",
    "url": "",
    "testEvents": false,
    "seqEvents": false,
    "sqaEvents": false,
    "webAlertEvents": true,
    "networkChangeEvents": false,
    "headers": [
        "name": "Authorization",
        "value": "token 123456789abcdeff39d1acc72396b31c5511a5ca7b178538"

The Authorization token must have the value provided from your LogZilla server’s API token. For information about configuring and using LogZilla API tokens, refer to the LogZilla help section on Using The LogZilla API.


For more information, please refer to the following AppNeta documentation: