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Juniper SRX Commands

Juniper devices should be configured to send logs in RFC5424 structured-data format, also known as key=value pairs, rather than the older RFC3164 "syslog" (a.k.a. BSD) style format.

To configure sd-format, the following steps should be used:

  1. Enter edit mode
  2. Set stream mode for events
  3. Set the format for logging to structured
  4. Set the source address to use (this is one of the local interfaces on the Juniper device itself, not the destination LogZilla server)
  5. Set the destination log host (LogZilla)
  6. Optional: Show the changes made
  7. Optional: Check the syntax of changes to be made
  8. Commit the changes
set security log mode stream
set security log format sd-syslog 
set security log source-address 
set security log stream logzilla host 
show | compare 
commit check

There is a rule available in the Juniper appstore app that will format each message to make it more readable, and create some user tags to highlight important information. This rule is available to be installed from the Settings -> App store in the admin menu.

Install Juniper appstore app

This help section is provided only as a courtesy. LogZilla Corporation does not provide support for products outside of our own software.