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The SNMP TRAP Forwarder module allows forwarding of all or specific matched events to a downstream trap receiver.

For configuration detail on each section other than the actual forwarders section below, please see the section on Downstream Syslog Receivers

Sample Forwarder Config File
window_size: 60
- field: message
  op: "~*"
  value: duplex mismatch discovered on
- field: severity
  - 1
  - 2
  - 5
- type: snmp
  - type: s
    oid: ".1.2.0"
    src: facility
  - type: i
    oid: ".1.3.0"
    src: severity
  - type: s
    oid: ".1.4.0"
    src: cisco_mnemonic
  - type: s
    oid: ".1.5.0"
    src: message
  - type: i
    oid: ".1.99.0"
    src: counter

This forwarder sends the specified SNMP Trap for every matching event (after it is dedup'd).

As shown in 11.2 Downstream Syslog Receivers, a file (such as fwd-snmp.yaml) containing the above YAML would be placed in /etc/logzilla/forwarder.d and then the forwarder and parser restarted:

logzilla restart -c forwardermodule 
logzilla restart -c parsermodule

NOTE: OIDs can defined here based on your needs, LogZilla does not limit which OIDs you are permitted to send.


Used to set the type of outgoing SNMP trap. In the case of, it specifies that it is from the UCD-SNMP-MIB, Specifically, NOTIFICATION-TEST-MIB.


The base OID for all subsequent fields in the oid_map.


The list of variables to be added to the trap:

  • type: Only i (32 bit integer) and s (string) are supported

  • oid: Object id of this variable; if it starts with dot then it’s prefixed with oid_prefix

  • src: Name of event field from LogZilla placed in this variable

  • value: If no src macro is defined, you may use this to add extra information to each outgoing event.

For example, in a Service Provider Network, this would allow the addition of a customer's BGP AS Number:

 { "type" : "i", "oid" : ".1.70.0", "value" : "64512" },
 { "type" : "s", "oid" : ".1.70.1", "value" : "BGP_AS_ID" }