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Search Syntax

LogZilla provides standard boolean-type search syntax much like you would expect when using Google. The only difference is the ability to append a wildcard (*)

  • All searches are case insensitive
  • All searches must contain at least 4 characters at a minimum unless otherwise configured by your administrator.

Correct search syntax:

Example 1:


Incorrect search syntax (too few characters)


The 4 character minimum is set in a config at the OS level which administrators can opt to change at the cost of using more memory for indexing. Customers are welcome to contact us for guidance if this is desired.

Boolean Examples

"hello world"

Operator AND

The AND is automatically implied when separating search words with a space and should not be included in your search criteria.

For example, searching on the text hello world would return results for both hello and world.

Operator NOT

The ! or - operators may be used to find events NOT containing the specified text. For example:

hello -world


hello !world

Operator OR

A | (pipe) operator may be used to find events matching either of the given terms. For example:

hello | world
Would return all events matching "hello" or "world".

hello | other | world
Would return all events matching "hello" or "other" or "world".

Boolean Mode Wildcard

Many Network and Systems logs will include names such as GigabitEthernet1/0/0, etc. The wildcard feature allows users to specify a search term when they may not know the trailing characters.

For example:

Would return results for GigabitEthernet1/0/0, GigabitEthernet1/0/2, or even GigabitEthernet100.

A prefix/infix wildcard may also be used:

Would return results for GigabitEthernet1/0/0, GigabitEthernet1/1/2 but not GigabitEthernet100.


Note that expression grouping can be used. This is surrounding a search expression with parentheses "(" ")" . This must be used in cases in a multi-term search expression is used with an OR operator "|", in order to clarify which terms are handled by the OR. For example, to indicate that you want to find messages that contain the expression "foo bar", OR messages that contain "baz" but not "boz", you would do the following:

"foo bar" | (baz -boz)

Invalid Search Syntax

The following examples show some of the mixed-mode searches which are not supported at this time:

  • Searches containing both OR and NOT operator's combined:
hello | -world
  • Mixed "Phrase" AND or NOT
"hello world" !world2
"hello world" world
  • Negative searching without a preceding positive search

This would be analogous to searching Google for every word on the internet that does NOT contain the word hello. Which, of course, would not be very useful.