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Relocating LogZilla Archive Files

LogZilla keeps a record of past events in an archive. The archive’s size is managed by the logzilla config ARCHIVE_FLUSH_DAYS and logzilla config ARCHIVE_EXPIRE_DAYS commands, as explained in the backend configuration options.

The LogZilla archive’s size depends on the settings mentioned above and the number of events LogZilla processes. To check the space occupied by the LogZilla archive, use the following command:

du -csh /var/lib/docker/volumes/lz_archive/

If necessary, you can move the LogZilla archive to a different drive or directory to save disk space. To do this, execute the following commands as the root user:

logzilla stop
docker run --rm -v /new_archive_dir:/new_archive_dir -v lz_archive:/temp_archive  logzilla/runtime sh -c "mv  /temp_archive/* /new_archive_dir/"
docker rm lz_watcher
docker volume rm lz_archive
docker volume create --opt type=none --opt o=bind --opt device=/new_archive_dir  lz_archive
logzilla start

In these commands, replace old_archive_dir with the current location of the LogZilla archive. For a default LogZilla installation, this is /var/lib/docker/volumes/lz_archive. Substitute new_archive_dir with the desired new location (directory) for the LogZilla archive. The new_archive_dir represents the destination where you want to move the archive. Make sure that this directory already exists before proceeding with the relocation process.