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Event Correlation Rule Types

Event Correlation Rules

LogZilla's Event Correlation includes the following EC Rule Types:

  • Single
  • Match input event and execute an action immediately.
  • SingleWithScript
  • Match input event and, depending on the exit value of an external script, execute an action.
  • SingleWithSuppress
  • Match input event and execute an action immediately, but ignore subsequent matching events for the next t seconds.
  • Pair
  • Match input event, execute an action immediately and ignore subsequent matching events until some other input event arrives.
  • Upon the arrival of that second event execute another action.
  • PairWithWindow
  • Match input event and wait t seconds for some other input event to arrive.
  • If that next event is not observed within a given time window, execute an action.
  • If that next event arrives on time, execute another action.
  • SingleWithThreshold
  • Count matching input events during t seconds
  • If the given t threshold is exceeded, execute an action and ignore all matching events during the rest of the specified time window.
  • SingleWith2Thresholds
  • Count matching input events during t1 seconds
  • If a given threshold is exceeded, execute an action and start counting matching events again
  • If the matching event counter per t2 seconds drops below the second threshold, execute another action.
  • Suppress
  • Suppress matching input events (used to keep the events from being matched by later rules).
  • Calendar
  • Execute an action only at specific times.
  • Jump
  • Submit matching input events to specific ruleset(s) for further processing.
  • Options
  • Set processing options for a ruleset.