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Backend Configuration Options

logzilla config command

In order to protect users from damaging the system, some of the settings for LogZilla are not configurable in the UI. These settings are documented below.

Note: Changing any of these settings may cause irreparable damage to your server. Please use extreme caution.

logzilla config lists all config items
logzilla config ITEM shows item value
logzilla config ITEM VALUE sets a new value

All of the following settings require a restart of LogZilla before they will take effect:

sudo logzilla restart

Configuration Option Descriptions

category setting description default / min / max
Miscellaneous TIME_ZONE Sets timezone for LogZilla usage and reporting GMT
Miscellaneous REPORTS_BASE_URL Base URL for reports. This should point to the LogZilla instance, to be visible to all reporting users http://localhost
Miscellaneous DEDUP_WINDOW Length of time window (in seconds) during identical messages will be aggregated into one, with number of occurrences 60 / 0 / 3600
Miscellaneous FUTURE_TIME_TOLERANCE Maximum difference in seconds between server time and timestamp of incoming message - if difference is greater, incoming message timestamp will be reset to current server time 2 / 1 / *
Miscellaneous INTERNAL_EVENTS_MAX_LEVEL Control which logzilla.log message levels are sent to system as 'internal' events - as opposed to' external' events coming from syslog or other external sources") WARNING / CRITICAL, ERROR , WARNING , WARN , INFO , NONE
Miscellaneous INTERNAL_COUNTERS_MAX_LEVEL Controls which internal counters should be collected INFO / CRITICAL , INFO , DEBUG
Miscellaneous LOG_MAX_LEVEL Controls which message levels are sent to the log file INFO
Miscellaneous RBAC_ENABLED Enable role based access control, in every query the user will get results from only those hosts to which he has access True
Miscellaneous EULA_ACCEPTED Has the EULA been accepted False
Miscellaneous AUTOLOGIN_ENABLED Allow auto-login as user without password False
Miscellaneous AUTOLOGIN_USER Auto-login username admin
Miscellaneous ARCHIVE_EXPIRE_DAYS Number of days after which events will be archived 7 / 3 / *
Miscellaneous ARCHIVE_FLUSH_DAYS Number of days after which archived data will be removed 365 / 0 / *
Miscellaneous AUTOARCHIVE_CRON_HOUR hour (in 24-hour format) which defines the starting time for daily archives. Coincides with LogZilla's TZ setting 5 / 0 / 23
Miscellaneous SEARCH_DEFAULT_LIMIT Default limit number of search results 100 / 1 / 10000
Miscellaneous PARSER_WORKERS Number of worker threads used to parse messages minimum of (10, CPU_COUNT / 2)
Miscellaneous OFFLINE Disable outside communications False
Miscellaneous FORWARDER_ENABLED Enable the forwarder module False
Miscellaneous SEC_ENABLED Enable the SEC module False
Miscellaneous SEC_EXTRA_PARAMS Extra params for the SEC daemon (blank)
Miscellaneous PRUNE_DOCKER_IMAGES Periodically remove unused docker images left after upgrade True
Search SPHINX_MAX_MATCHES Maximum number of results when exporting search results. Please note that setting too large value can result is excessive RAM usage and query failures 1000000 / 1 / *
Search SPHINX_MIN_WORD_LENGTH Minimum indexed word length 4 / 1 / *
Search SPHINX_MIN_PREFIX_LENGTH Minimum word prefix length to index 4 / 1 / *
Search SPHINX_MIN_INFIX_LENGTH Minimum infix prefix length to index (default: 4 - infix disabled). Enabling the option will override SPHINX_MIN_PREFIX_LENGTH setting 4 / 0 / *
Triggers SEND_MAIL_PERIOD The minimum period in sec between successive trigger emails 60 / 1 / *
Triggers SEND_WEBHOOK_PERIOD The minimum period in sec between successive webhooks 10 / 1 / *
Triggers EXEC_SCRIPT_PERIOD The minimum period in sec between successive script executions 1 / 1 / *
Triggers TRIGGER_ENGINE_WORKERS Number of worker threads used processing triggers Minimum of (6, Maximum of (2, CPU Count / 4)) / 1 / *
SMTP MAIL_SENDER Outgoing e-mail sender (blank)
SMTP SMTP_SERVER SMTP server address (see SMTP Note below) mailer
SMTP SMTP_PORT SMTP server port (see SMTP Note below) 25 / 1 / *
SMTP SMTP_AUTH_REQUIRED Controls whether SMTP AUTH should be required (see SMTP Note below) False
SMTP SMTP_USER SMTP server login username (see SMTP Note below) (blank)
SMTP SMTP_PASS SMTP server login password (see SMTP Note below) (blank)
SMTP SMTP_CRYPT SMTP secure connection type (see SMTP Note below) NONE / NONE , TLS , SSL
Services SYSLOG_BSD_TCP_PORT TCP port on which LogZilla will receive BSD/RFC3164 syslog traffic 514
Services SYSLOG_BSD_UDP_PORT UDP port on which LogZilla will receive BSD/RFC3164 syslog traffic 514
Services SYSLOG_RFC5424_PORT TCP port on which LogZilla will receive RFC5424 syslog traffic 601
Services SYSLOG_JSON_PORT TCP port on which LogZilla will receive raw JSON data traffic 515
Services SYSLOG_MAX_CONNECTIONS Specifies the maximum number of simultaneous syslog-ng connections 50 / 1 / *
Services HTTP_PORT TCP port on which LogZilla will accept HTTP requests (and respond) 80
Services HTTP_PORTS TCP port on which LogZilla will accept HTTPS requests (and respond) 443
Services FORCE_HTTPS Use HTTPS instead of HTTP False
Services STORAGE_NODE_COUNT Number of parallel Event Processing Nodes (see warning below) 1 / 1 / *
SNMPTraps SNMPTRAPD_ENABLED Enabling snmptrapd module False
SNMPTraps SNMPTRAPD_FORMAT Format of message field, see man snmptrapd(8) for details See below
SNMPTraps SNMPTRAPD_PROGRAM Value of "program" field for events generated from snmp traps SNMPTrap
SNMPTraps SNMPTRAPD_FACILITY Value of "facility" field for events generated from snmp traps LOCAL0
SNMPTraps SNMPTRAPD_SEVERITY Value of "severity" field for events generated from snmp traps INFO
SNMPTraps SNMPTRAPD_PORT Port number from snmptrapd container to host 162
System/Parsers UNPARSED_LINES_FILE File where all unparsed lines will be written unparsed_lines
System/Dirs REPORTS_DIR Directory to store all generated reports reports
System/Dirs SCRIPTS_DIR Directory to store scripts allowed to run by triggers scripts


SMTP is the interface protocol used to send outgoing emails from the LogZilla server. These settings control what email server LogZilla uses for sending as well as the protocol specifics for that interaction.


WARNING: Any change to this value (incrementing OR decrementing) can lead to data loss and invalid query results for already stored data. If there is any question or doubt about this value and changes to it, contact LogZilla support.


Enterprise OID: %N, Trap Type: %W, Trap Sub-Type: %q, Uptime: %T, Description: %W, PDU Attribute/Value Pair Array: %v