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HTTP Event Receiver

LogZilla has a "universal" facility to receive events via HTTP. This is called "universal" because it is not specific to any particular scenario -- it is intended to be used with custom integrations.

LogZilla listens for incoming events via HTTP to its standard HTTP port (configured by logzilla config HTTP_PORT, see section 4.8 Backend Configuration Options, at path /incoming.

Data Format

The events sent to LogZilla need to be formatted as JSON, with structure:

  "events": [
    // event1,
    // event2,
    // etc.

As the JSON array notation indicates, more than one event message can be sent per transmission, if desired. Then each event should have structure:

  "host": "",
  "program": "testprogram",
  "message": "this is the message",
  "extra_fields": {
      "city": "Atlanta",
      "state": "Georgia"

Data Contents

The event fields that can be sent to LogZilla via HTTP are:

Field Description
host the originating host of the log message
program the program that generated the log message
severity the RFC-3164 severity of the event in the message
facility the RFC-3164 facility of the event in the message
extra_fields individual fields that will be available to the LogZilla rule

Usage Instructions

When sending events to LogZilla, the API key (with the appropriate header) must be used. This is documented in Obtaining an Auth Token. NOTE: after generating an authorization token the LogZilla HTTP receiver module must be restarted This can be accomplished either via standard logzilla restart or by restarting just the HTTP receiver module:

logzilla restart -c httpreceiver

Upon successful receipt of a JSON events data element, the HTTP receiver will respond with HTTP status code 200 and message:



An example curl command to show HTTP reception:

curl -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -H 'X-LZ-Access-Key: 7ce02b52bfb225a2b4a0ef992b4c2afe9dc10853aecf97f6' -X POST -d  '{ "events": [ { "message": "Test Message", "host": "curl.test", "program": "myapp", "extra_fields": { "city": "Atlanta", "state": "Georgia" } } ] }' ''