In this section of the LogZilla user documentation, we focus on alerts and their integral role within the platform. Here, you'll find a concise, step-by-step exploration designed to enhance your understanding and usage of LogZilla's alert features.

  • Alerts Overview: A deep dive into the alert mechanism of LogZilla. Discover how you can customize, notify, and respond to system events in real-time.

  • LogZilla Automation: Learn about LogZilla's in-built automation capabilities. We'll guide you through utilizing user-contributed scripts and manipulating data using environment variables.

  • Trigger Import and Export: Get hands-on experience managing triggers. This section covers the effortless export and import functionalities, ensuring a seamless setup process.

  • Outgoing Webhooks: Integrate LogZilla alerts with platforms like Slack. We'll walk you through the process of setting up notifications for external services.