The Administration section is designed for administrators who aim to effectively manage and utilize the LogZilla platform. Whether you're in the process of initial setup or fine-tuning an established system, this guide provides clear instructions across a broad range of topics to ensure operational efficacy.

The guide begins with an overview of server licensing, explaining the specifics and requirements for LogZilla software. It further addresses the process of migrating LogZilla to new servers, detailing steps and precautions. This is supplemented by guidelines on configuring the server to send emails and the basics of network communications for reliable data transfer. As security remains paramount, detailed instructions on protocols like HTTPS and TLS tunnels are provided to ensure data integrity and security. Additionally, the guide covers backend configurations and search settings to customize the platform according to specific operational needs.

Practical sections on role-based access control, offline installations, and command-line utilities offer hands-on knowledge to manage user access, software updates, and command-line operations respectively. The importance of data retention and recovery is covered with detailed steps on archiving and restoration processes.